To Whom it May Concern:

We are very satisfied with the work ALB Consulting Group is doing for us. ALB has provided us with copies of rulings and other customs intelligence which we are now using to save on duty payments. This has taken some of our imports from dutiable to duty free. It lowers our importation costs and improves our margins and profitability. It also helps our competitive position in the market. ALB is continuing to apply for more duty relief on a number of other items which we import. The duty we are now saving is significant and we look forward to even more savings in the future.

ALB’s customs specialists Marco Ouellet, Jeffrey Goernert and attorney John Peterson are exceptionally knowledgeable on tariff matters and have proven to be easy to work with and very helpful. They continue to provide us with assistance and expertise not typically available from customs brokers. We are pleased to recommend ALB’s service to anyone who pays duty in Canada or the USA.


Glenn C. Diehl

CFO & VP of Operations

Globe Union Group, LLC

2500 Internationale Parkway

Woodridge, IL 60517