Customs Consulting

What We Do


We monitor activity at all levels of the tariff resolution process in Canada and the USA. This includes administrative decisions, rulings, published opinions, unpublished decisions, memorandums, out-of-court settlements, the World Customs Organization’s Classification Opinions, changes to the Explanatory Notes, and court decisions. It’s a lot of work, but we need to know what’s going on in each of these areas to ensure we are at the leading edge of duty relief opportunities.


All of the changes in the areas mentioned above are essentially data and data alone is not enough. It needs to be analyzed and interpreted in order to be useful. We analyze the data to deduce new duty relief opportunities for our clients


We advocate at all levels of customs administration and the courts to get duty relief for our clients. We provide expert representation until the duty relief matter is resolved.

Is this you? Are You Absolutely Sure You Haven’t Overpaid?

You import goods and have been assured your imports are properly classified. You find it hard to believe you could be overpaying and leaving money on the table.

Who can know it all… Are you absolutely sure?

Did We Contact You?

If we’ve contacted you, it is because we have discovered information which may reduce your customs duty exposure. This information, if applied to your imports, may lower your customs duty payable and enable a refund of previously paid duty to be issued to you.