Is this you?

You import goods into Canada. Your customs broker assures you everything is properly classified and you think your customs situation is in good shape. You find it hard to believe you could be leaving money on the table.

The Redose Process



Search for information


Evaluate Data


Deduce duty relief issues


Offer duty reduction and recovery service


Share information with the client


Enable duty savings and refunds

How do we do it?

Simply put, we conduct unprecedented research and acquire better information faster. Sometimes we use the Access to Information Act to obtain disclosure of secret duty relief decisions. Over the past 20 years we’ve uncovered over 12,000 duty relief decisions that were never published.

Did you know that tariff classification and duty relief is a moving target impacted by many different sources? New rulings and decisions are issued every week.

Do you see how many sources of decisions and rulings are unpublished? How would your broker know about the unpublished decisions and rulings issued last week?

It is a full time job staying on top of the meanings of all of the published opinions, rulings and court decisions. But, what about the unpublished ones? Who researches that? We do.

On certain matters no one else has conducted the research we have. How do we know? Government sources have told us. “You are the first ones to ask us for this information and we are not sure how to generate the report.”

Most Importers Don’t Know There Are Unpublished Decisions Granting Duty Relief

Imported goods which fall into the unpublished sector often have overpaid customs duties. This is because all other importers have no way of knowing what has been expresly excluded from the public domain. Our library of information has a plethora of unpublish material.